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To overseas students, studying in overseas institutions is only the first step, how to be successfully graduated is the most important.

Customized Essay writing requires only three steps:

论文代写第一步: 在线定制论文

Reserve your essay online

Submit your essay order online, fill in the customized essay requirements, upload the essay information, select Deadline for automatic quotation in the system.
论文代写第二步: 大数据分配

Assign order by Big Data System

Automatically assign your order by independent developed big data system, matching the best essay writer.
论文代写第三步: 准时发送稿件

Receive essay

Deliver your essay manuscripts on time, and attach a free official testing report from Turnitin UK.


Why choose OkayEDU

OkayEDU is the first brand of essay writing service in UK, and is an official registered educational tutorial company in London. Since its establishment in July 2003, it has been in the industry for 14 years.

We have always believed that only a true international team can provide high quality writing service for our students. Our essay tutors are composed of English / American mother tongue tutor who have more than 10,000 hours teaching experience.

  • Accumulated 2,3769 customized essay writing, served 13,352 clients
  • Accumulated 5310 essay modification and touch up, served 3,500 clients
  • Study abroad essay writing is 2600, served 1700 clients
  • Turnitin accumulated 45,807 tests of essay writing

* Statistic Time 21 May 2017

About OkayEDU

Academic Essay Writing Service

Overseas students often have to face lots of Essay and assignment, it is especially miserable before deadline. Therefore, OkayEDU provides British local academic experts for numerous of overseas students, accomplishes essay strictly in accordance with the requirements, ensures that references format is correct with no ‘incorrect’ quotes. It also provides free modification services. We have provided the most professional essay writing service for students from the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada, Singapore and other countries.

Dissertation Writing Service

Dissertation is the most important thing of studying abroad. Different from normal essay, writing service of dissertation should be handled by qualified tutor with full-time writing experience for many years. From selection of Topic to Proposal, Literature Review and Questionnaire, you are required to meet your school professor. OkayEDU has full-time dissertation writing tutor, who helps you in depth custom made, and helps you in all questions and answers with school professor and email reply as well.

Urgent Essay Writing Service

We provide urgent essay writing service as well, you only need to order online, our tutor can serve in 24 hours whenever your Deadline is short. Starting from studying abroad, several of essay and assignment are overwhelmed, and all kinds of examination to be prepared. Constantly stay up would cause sacrifice to health and unable to get good results at last, as a result cannot experience the study life at all. Studying abroad is a kind of experience, which is not a burden. Let essay go and experience your studying abroad.

Personal Statement Writing & Editing

We are devoted to help more Chinese students step out of the country door. Writing service include PS personal statement, Admission Essay, CV, Cover Letter, etc., specially arranged material content and planning for you, so as to let your appraisee professors deeply grasp your personal qualities and academic potentials. Personal statement is an important step prior entering to well-known overseas institution, and is the only step you can control in your application. All-round according to the applicant’s situation tailored for your study escort. We provide comprehensive customized service in accordance to applicant’s situation, escorting you to study abroad, all of which are tailored to the applicant’s situation and escorted for your study abroad.

Customized professional essay system, high-quality essay writing service, providing you with a series of protection!


Customized high-quality essay

OkayEDU has more than 100 native professional writers in English, 90% of which are native British writers with Master or PhD degree or above qualification.

24 hours Urgent Essay Writing Service

You only need to order online via our website regardless of your Deadline, we will reply you in 10 minutes, and our writing tutor will stand by in 24 hours.

Examine Essay Quality

Customize high-quality essay, strictly in accordance to the requirements. Examined and proofread by professional writer. Communicate with you seamlessly from information reviews to essay writing situation, rigorously secure a pass for you.

Provide official testing report from Turnitin

Including Turnitin official testing report! 100% original essay, with correct reference quotes, no undesirable plagiarism, to provide you with £ 2,000 no plagiarism warranty. (Customized writing clients can enjoy this service for free)

SSL data encryption system

OkayEDU protects your personal information and essay security, all data are encrypted through SSL256 data encryption system, to let you not to worry at all.

Deliver Essay on time

Specify service cycle time limit, implement service commitment and deadline strictly, arrange time allocation at backend system, review order time rigorously, 100% delivery prior to committed deadline.

Big Data Automatic Order Allocation

What is Big Data Order System?

Big data order allocation is based on the history of completed order data. System will match the most appropriate writing tutor automatically, and then select the best writing tutor to accomplish by comparing the tutor’s pass rate, compliance rate, rate of modification and other information. To achieve the best results, the optimal allocation of resources principles. To achieve principle of best results with optimal resources allocation.

Why allocate order by Big Data?
One issue occurred according to the past experience – assigning order to someone with high scored writing expert must be the best arrangement? The answer is clearly NO. Each writing tutor has their own subject and type of essay they are good at. Big data order allocation perfectly implements win-win result with realistic resources allocation.

Essay Writing Recommendation

  • Team qualification
  • Essay
  • Price of
  • Company
  • Service
  • Essay plagiarism check / Turnitin
  • Punctuality

  • After service and
  • Trading risk

Writing Service by Student

  • Complete all works by one person,
Ordinary studying abroad student, often pretend as a company,
  • Personal writing,
    Uneven quality
  • Asking for exorbitant prices, no fixed price
  • Nil
  • No fixed time, Unable to respond in time
  • Nil or other free software
  • No time management, unable to respond for a long time
  • Arbitrary commitment, unable to respond after service
  • After payment, QQ blacklist
    Plagiarism; even copying essay,
    Threaten by disclosing personal and essay information,
    Use personal QQ and email for work
    Credit card fraud

OkayEDU (UK)

  • Full-time staff, tutorial team
Team with overseas customer service experience for studying abroad clients
    Independent Proofreading Department
  • English native thigh quality academic articles
  • Standard
  • Office in London
  • 24 hours customer
  • Turnitin UK official partner
  • System tracking orders, deliver on time
  • Unlimited modification for free within 14 days
  • Independent service system
Undertake all risks to be faced by clients. 
All information are encrypted by SSL data encryption
Intelligent order system

Other Writing Service

  • Bad intermediary
  • Software translated English,
    non-academic essay
  • Relatively
  • Nil
  • No fixed time,
    Have time difference
  • Nil
  • Normally Delay, time difference problem
  • Nil
  • After payment, QQ blacklist
    Plagiarism; even copying essay,
    Threaten by disclosing personal and essay information,
    Use personal QQ and email for work
    Credit card fraud

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Expertise: Marketing, Business, English, Literature, Administration, Finance, Research, Economics, Investment Banking

Janet An is a graduate of University of Warwick. Soon after, she completed her Master’s degree in Law at the Warwick as well. After graduation, she worked at Investment Banking for 4 years in London. She is currently living in London and working at OkayEDU.

Expertise: Business, Banking, Investment, Public Policy, Religion, Law, International Relations, English

Charlie S. is a graduate of Durham University in marketing. He received his Masters from London School of Economics and Political Science. He is working for OkayEDU as full-time of marketing, business, law, and media written content as a professional writing coach.

Expertise: Marketing, HR, Business, Strategy, Media, Economics, Research methods, Literature review

Amy T. is a graduate from University of Exeter with a Master in Communications and International Studies. She has worked as an IELTS teacher and tutor. Amy is now a professional writer, editor, translator, and online media specialist.

Expertise: International Affairs, English teaching, Entrepreneurship, Media & Communications, Political Science



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